Beginner Lesson 1: Left Turn (On2)

Note: This is a sample lesson to give you a taste of Patrick and Scarlet’s teaching methodology. You can sign-up for the full salsa program here.

Over the series of three lessons you’re going to learn the Left Turn, the Cross Body Lead and then a pattern that uses both of these skills, plus a little something something extra. Here at Dance Dojo we’re all about teaching the building blocks.

Let’s Begin!

The left turn is a counter-clockwise turn and is executed over one full basic (6 steps in total). The trick here is to not rush your steps or the lead. Relax and stay on time!

La Musica: Amor Artificial – Eco Park Project


First, take a look at what the move looks like and store a mental picture of what you’re trying to accomplish.

The Follow

Now, let’s break down the footwork and the explanation for the follow, so she knows what to do when she’s being led. Leads, dive in and learn this footwork along your partner. You’ll need it later, plus it’s always more fun to learn together!

The Lead

Alright guys, it’s your turn! Remember that keeping your timing is the number one goal – don’t rush ;)

Tip For The Lead

There’s always a few places where most people tend to get stuck or struggle. That’s why we provide tips in each lesson to help you get unstuck, navigate the tricky parts, and have more success!

Practice Time

Most of our lessons come with a practice video, so you can follow along with Patrick and Scarlet, drill the move or pattern, and get some solid practice in. Practice videos were actually a suggestion from some of our members. Like you, we’re always improving!