Beginner Lesson 2: Cross Body Lead (On2)

Note: This is a sample lesson to give you a taste of Patrick and Scarlet’s teaching methodology. You can sign-up for the full salsa program here.

Now that you’ve got the Left Turn down, let’s learn how to move your partner from one side to the other with the Cross Body Lead (CBL). Although it’s a move within itself, soon you’ll be using the CBL to bridge all sorts of different moves together.

The CBL you’re about to learn is more typical of the “night club style” of salsa, commonly known as LA Style (On1) or New York style (On2), as opposed to the Cuban (Casino and Rueda) and Colombian (Salsa Caleña) styles of Salsa.

In short, the cross body lead is everything, so make sure you work on perfecting it over time!

La Musica: El que no sufre no vive – Ismael Rivera & Rafael Cortijo y su Combo


Lead’s Part

Follow’s Part

Framing The Cross Body Lead

Too many beginners gloss over the cross body lead and check it off their list without spending time REALLY mastering it. “I’ve learned it. I know how to do it.” they say. But there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Framing your partner well–having a smooth and effective cross body lead– is the difference between a beautiful connected dance and a sloppy disconnected dance. Take notes.


Let’s get some practice smoothly executing your cross body leads to some music. To start, do one basic and go right into the CBL. In between each one we’ll do a basic to reset.