Intermediate Lesson 1: Arm Spiral (On2)

Note: This is a sample lesson to give you a taste of Patrick and Scarlet’s teaching methodology. You can sign-up for the full salsa program here.

The Arm Spiral is the beginning of adding in more advanced arm work while the ladies turn. Try to make your arms feel as light as feathers and don’t force them at all.

Once you learn this basic variation, called a Single-Lock Arm Spiral, it only gets fancier and fancier – so lock it in!

La música: Jehu El Rey – Tu Sin Mi


Take a look at what the Single-Lock Arm Spiral looks like. In the pattern we teach you soon, you’ll be building on this basic version by turning it into a Double-Lock Arm Spiral. We always teach the building blocks first!


It’s all about the little details when it comes to leading. The things you can’t see are what matter most, making your lead feel slick, and your dancing look stunning.


Being a graceful follow is all about technique. If you’re basic techniques aren’t there, your partner will notice and will be limited. If you’re timing, technique, posture and frame are all on point you open the doors to amazing things. Everything comes back to basics. Nail those down and there’s nothing you can’t do.

Tip For The Follow

After years and years of teaching salsa Patrick and Scarlet know where most people go wrong. Pay attention to these tips and you’ll pick up all the small details that make a big difference.

Practice Time

Most of our lessons come with a practice video, so you can follow along with Patrick and Scarlet, drill the move or pattern, and get some solid practice in. Practice videos were actually a suggestion from some of our members. Like you, we’re always improving!