Intermediate Lesson 2: Spiral Strut (On2)

Note: This is a sample lesson to give you a taste of Patrick and Scarlet’s teaching methodology. You can sign-up for the full salsa program here.

Now that you know The Cape, let’s toss it into a pattern and see how you do.

The Spiral Strut starts off with a Rejection and moves into a set of Traveling Turns, Spanish Walks, a Cape and a Change of Place to round things off.

Normally, as a Dance Dojo member, you’d learn all the individual moves first but, since you’re not, yet, just give it your best shot.

Follows, don’t forget to spot your partner on the traveling turns!

La Musica: La Muralla – Avisale


Yup, along with a little help from Patrick and Scarlet, you’re about to make this thing happen!

Partner Work (Section 1)

We’ve divided this pattern up into two sections to make it more digestible. Dive into each section with Patrick and then follow it up with Scarlet’s video for the follows down below.

Partner Work (Section 2)

The start of this second half should look familiar. Go for that Cape and then finish off with a Change of Place. Keep up the good work!

Details for the Follows

Now that Patrick’s got you moving and you’ve gone through the pattern a couple times, let’s smooth it out by going over some pointers for the follows. Put it all together and practice up!

A little patience and encouragement go a long way – enjoy the process with your partner!