Intermediate Lesson 3: Double Lock Walk (On2)

Note: This is a sample lesson to give you a taste of Patrick and Scarlet’s teaching methodology. You can sign-up for the full salsa program here.

You’ve put in the work to learn the building blocks. Now, let’s put everything you’ve learned into action with this pattern!

Double Lock Walk kicks off with a Double-Lock Arm Spiral into a Free Spin. Don’t forget to catch her in a check before she finishes that free spin, fellas. Finish it off with a New York Walk and watch her strut her stuff.

La Musica: Kalamari by Nelson Pinedo


Take a look at the pattern you and your partner are about to own! Notice how you can take the most basic version of the Arm Spiral and spice it up by making it a Double-Lock Arm Spiral with a little extra arm work. It’s all about taking the basics and building on them!

Partner Work

Here Patrick breaks down the pattern for the leads, while simultaneously offering an explanation the ladies can follow too. Next up, the ladies will hear directly from Scarlet to fine-tune things on the follow-side.

Details for the Follows

Now that the lead’s have had their turn with Patrick, it’s your turn to hear form Scarlet, ladies. Dial in the technique, take note of common mistakes and practice up!

That’s a Wrap! What’s next?

We’ve only scratched the surface and there’s a whole new world of salsa lessons waiting for you in our member’s area. We’d love to keep working with on the fundamentals that will allow you to lead and follow anything in salsa, boost your confidence and have way more fun out social dancing. If that gets you jazzed, check out our membership options and let’s get going!