Salsa On 2 Curriculum

On2 Conversion for On1 Dancers

Are you an On1 dancer that wants to try dancing On2? This conversion course will give you a simple system to switch your timing from On1 to On2. Once you’ve got this new timing under your belt, you’ll be able to explore a whole new world of Salsa musicality.

Different Ways to Dance On2 Salsa

Did you know there are different ways to dance Salsa On2? We’ll take you through each one and show you how you can adapt your dancing to the various rhythms of salsa music. Here are the four ways you’ll learn to dance On2:

  • Son Cubano
  • Classic Mambo
  • Modern Mambo
  • Clave

Experienced Beginner Salsa Lessons On2

Siesta Swoop
Red Light Green Light

Intermediate Salsa Lessons On2

El Arco
Criss-Cross Cuddle
Inside Out
Jimmy Juggles
Double Lock Walk

Advanced Salsa Lessons On2

Circle The Queen
Around The Way

Footwork Lessons On2

Right Turn
Left Turn
Half and Half (Right)
Step Touch
Drop 7
Suzie Q
Reverse Walks
In and Outs
Semi Circle
Hook Step
Broken Left Turn
Push Step
Push Step Double
Push Step Point
Push Step Cha Cha
Chuck Step
Reverse Grapevine
Side Charge
Swing Step
Two Corner Swing
Four Corner Swing
Rotational Swing Step
Partner Swing
Bachata Kick & Roll
Beginner Footwork Challenge
Intermediate Footwork Challenge
Advanced Footwork Challenge

Salsa Turn Technique On2

Half Turn Technique
Inside Turn Technique
Outside Turn Technique
Inside Traveling Turn Technique
Sequence of Events During Your Turns
How To Spot Your Turns