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Salsa Shines: 7 Suzie Q Variations (On1 & On2)


Let’s explore seven Suzie Q variations.

There are two reasons I want to show you this:

  1. you don’t need a bunch of moves to become a great dancer, and
  2. you can practice these variations without a partner

In the video I demonstrate all seven variations and then break each one down so you can practice them on your own, both On1 and On2 timing.

1. Suzie Back Step

The Suzie Back Step is similar to the regular Suzie Q, but with a backward step to add a different intention.

2. Suzie Walks

Suzie Walks start with two steps of chord beat walks (on 1 and 3) and then the suzie q. Repeat to the other side.

3. Suzie Plus

Suzie Plus is an extended suzie q. Do the suzie q in one direction for a full 8 count, then turn and go back the other way for a full 8 count.

4. Suzie Point

Suzie Point involves adding a jazz point or flared foot on the 4th step – the last step of each side of the suzie q.

5. Jazz Point with Suzie Q

This move starts and ends with jazz points and adds a suzie q in the middle.

6. Suzie with Mambo Taps

Suzie with Mambo Taps integrates mambo-style taps into the Suzie Q. Suzie q one way for 1-2-3 and then do mambo taps on 5-7. Repeat to the other side.

7. In and Outs with Suzie Q

In and Outs add a dynamic in-and-out motion to the Suzie Q. Do in-and-outs on 1-2-3 and then finish the 8 count with suzie q on 5-6-7. Repeat to the other side.


These Suzie Q variations show that you don’t need a complex array of moves to enjoy dancing. It’s about using the steps you know well, getting comfortable with them, and exploring their possibilities to the fullest.

Simple is beautiful. Have fun with the basics and connect to the music!