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Advanced Salsa Pattern: Buena Onda

Buena Onda

Hey, ladies and gents, this new salsa combination is going to be a fun, but challenging one.

Leads, you’re about to get busy with these tricky arm tosses and spirals! Be sure to review the following elements because this combo begins with just a basic turn, but continues on to use more advanced variations of the suave and the change of place. Look out for the tricky toss after the change of place and also for the sneaky little arm spiral after the New York walk! We saved the best for last as the combo ends with a simple cuddle position into a smooth body roll.

Follows remember to keep your arms and elbows relaxed while the leads perform tosses and spirals with your hands.

La Musica: La Muralla – Avísale

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Advanced Salsa pattern Buena Onda by Dance Dojo