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The Benefits of Good Salsa Turn Technique

In the fast-paced world we live in, we want everything immediately and too often this spills over into how we learn, leading us to glaze over the fundamentals and not reach our salsa dancing potential. The problem is that there’s a misconception with fundamentals. People get antsy when they work on basics, they want to […]

How Salsa Turn Technique Will Change Your World

Taking 15 minutes to better understand turn technique could change your world. A month ago, we cruised over to beautiful Kelowna, Canada with Patrick and Scarlet to teach some salsa workshops on turn technique. At the start of class Patrick and Scarlet asked everyone to social dance, using inside and outside turns, to get a sense of where everyone was […]

A look at the Berlin Salsa Congress 2014

Thanks to Mary Johnson for this guest post: The Berlin Salsa Congress is one of the world’s greatest celebrations of this lively and exciting Latin American dance. Although Salsa dancing has it’s roots in the Caribbean and USA it has become incredibly popular in Germany, with many Salsa clubs being opened in large cities such […]

Robin’s Hierarchy of Dance (Stanford Talk)

On May 1, I had a great time speaking at Stanford for BJ Fogg and David Ngo’s Design for Dance conference, where designers, dancers, developers and innovators came together for one day to share ideas around the question: “How do we get more people dancing?” The theme of the day was “The first five minutes” […]

Dance Dojo Heads To Stanford to Speak at Design for Dance

Tomorrow we’re off to Stanford University in Palo Alto, California to present at BJ Fogg’s Design 4 Dance conference. BJ Fogg runs the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford, where he and his team carry out cutting-edge behaviour design research in areas where they believe major shifts are about to occur in our society. Yes, they […]

Dance Dojo is Live!

It’s hard to believe the day is finally here. Dance Dojo’s Beginner and Intermediate Salsa programs are now live! If you’re absolutely itching to get started, you can join here, or check out our sample lessons for a taste of the program. Looking back six months ago, we knew we were in for a ride, […]