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Bachata Footwork: FREE Intermediate Lesson

Enjoy this full lesson of bachata footwork taught by our instructors Harold and Regan.

It’s taken directly from the Musicality module of their Bachata Course with the goal of practicing various concepts and rhythms learned in the module.

The lesson is broken into various parts, so just scrub the video timeline to select the part you’d like to view:

  • Demo
  • Explanation Part 1
  • Explanation Part 2
  • Practice to counts
  • Practice to music

In this bachata footwork lesson we use the following concepts:

  • whole notes (4 beats)
  • half notes (2 beats)
  • quarter notes (1 beat)
  • syncopated steps (&s or half beats)
  • 1&234 rhythm
  • Bass beat rhythm

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