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Body Movement Workshops Coming November 2014

Our Body Movement workshops are being produced as we speak and we’re excited to give you a sneak peek at what you’re going to learn. This series of workshops is aimed at bringing your dancing to life. The movement you’ll learn will not only make you look better, you’ll dance smoother too. After all, proper body movement is what helps makes all the hard tricks look easy!

What you’ll learn:

Beginner Level

  • How to step properly in your Salsa basic
  • Basic hip movement
  • Basic Arm placement
  • Simple timing for your movement
  • Drills to practice

Intermediate/Advanced Level

  • Progressive basic step
  • Hip figure eights
  • Triangle arm placement
  • Chest isolations
  • Opposition between upper and lower body
  • Advanced timing for your body movement
  • Drills combining various body movement elements
  • Transitioning proper body movement into your Salsa basic
  • Spanish walks (for the ladies)

Want to learn something you don’t see listed above?

Shoot us an email at info(at) and give us your suggestions on what lessons you think would make the biggest difference in your dancing.