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I Keep Screwing Up My Social Dances, What Should I Do?

So you mess up. Big deal. It happens to all of us and it happens all the time. If you’re new to social dancing, you’re probably more nervous than the rest of us, but you’ve got to get used to making mistakes. It’s completely normal and very forgivable.

How you deal with your mess ups is what really matters.
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How Much Time Should I Spend Practicing Salsa?

Time to practice salsa

Photo credit: Sean Macenteelicense

When you’re learning how to Salsa dance, time plays a big role in the training process. It’s important to understand how it affects your learning process so you can decide on how much to practice, how frequently to practice and how you use all that time to get the results you want.

Let’s take a look at each aspect of training time to see how it can affect your progress and results.
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5 Funky Salsa Mixtapes to Keep you Movin’ All Night Long!

This is just what the doctor ordered. I give you over 2.5 hours of funky smooth salsa music that is guaranteed to keep you movin’, groovin’ and havin’ a great time. Each mixtape has a unique sound. Some are classy, some are party and some are a perfect for practice. Find your favourite, grab a partner and get dancing!
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Social Dancing: 7 Qualities Salsa Leads Look for in a Follow

Salsa lead-and-follow

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For all the ladies out there who are wondering what leads look for in a social dancing partner, this post is for you.

Some of these things might surprise you at first, but keep in mind the whole idea of Salsa social dancing is to share an enjoyable moment with someone. It’s not about how fancy you ladies can get with your styling or how many new moves the lead can whip out during a dance. It’s all about having a friendly connection with your partner both emotionally and physically. It’s about walking away from a dance having that feeling of “WOW, I can’t wait to do that again”.

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