Advanced Salsa Patterns

Advanced Salsa Pattern: Bouncy Hands

Bouncy Hands

Your new combo this week is an advanced salsa pattern we named ‘Bouncy Hands’.

Don’t let the fancy hand styling fool you! This advanced combo consists of only two basic elements : a basic inside turn and a basic right turn. With changes of angles and fancy hand styling for the men, the Bouncy Hands advanced salsa turn pattern is an excellent example of how to spice up your social dancing by adding variations and styling to your basic salsa moves, making them look more advanced. Read more

The Vortex – Advanced Salsa Pattern

Your new combo this week is an advanced Salsa pattern we named the Vortex. The Vortex is a fun pattern that involves quite a few turns for both the guys and gals. The Vortex starts out with a hand toss and spirals into a series of walk-arounds, ending with a cross-body outside pivot for the ladies.

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