Beginner Steps

Change of Place – Beginner Salsa Step

The change of place is a nice introductory Salsa step that gets you moving around your partner. If it looks familiar, that’s because it closely resembles the Enchufa step from Cuban Salsa. The stepping stones leading up to this move are your Salsa basics. If you haven’t already learned them, go back and check out the demonstration here. The more comfortable you are with your Salsa basics the easier it will be to pick this move up.

Later on, in our experienced beginner lessons, you will learn a partner work move called “Ochos”. Before you get there, make sure you have already mastered this step.

Demo of the Change of Place

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Back Basic, Cumbia Basic and the Open Position

Once you’ve learned the Front-Back Basic and the Side Basic in the closed position, it’s time to learn a few more of the Salsa basic steps while exploring the open position. After learning this next set of basic steps, you’ll have a solid idea of how to begin moving in different directions, while keeping time with Salsa music.

Demo of the Back Basic & Cumbia Basic

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Salsa Side Basic, Front-Back Basic and the Closed Position

Welcome to our introduction of the Salsa basic steps. These basics are some of the first beginner steps you will learn in any class. They make up the foundation of Salsa with their ‘quick quick slow’ rhythm and they are perfect for teaching you how to begin connecting with your partner. To start off, Patrick and Scarlet will demonstrate these steps in the classic Closed Position. It’s an exciting beginning! Check out the demo below to see how they look.

Demo of the Salsa Basic Steps

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The Cross Body Lead – Beginner Salsa Step

New to Salsa? Start learning with our Free Beginner’s Guide: How To Dance Salsa.

Cross Body Lead

The Cross Body Lead is one of the most important beginner Salsa steps you’ll learn and you’re going to be using this move A LOT. Having a smooth Cross Body Lead is an absolute game-changer. Taking the time to perfect this step is well worth your time. Once you master it, you’ll feel huge results – we promise. If there is any move to perfect when you’re first starting out, it would be this one.
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Five Turn Pattern (Basic Right Turns) – Beginner Salsa Steps

New to Salsa? Start learning with our Free Beginner’s Guide: How To Dance Salsa.

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Five Turn Pattern

Not to be underestimated, the basic turn sets up a dancer’s ability to learn multiple turns. That said, a single turn executed with good technique will lead to an easy transition to learning multiple turns well. However, poor single turn technique will lead to a mediocre double turn at best.
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