Salsa Tips

Think Twice Before Coaching Your Salsa Partner

You’re in the middle of a social dance, things aren’t going quite right and you’ve got this growing urge to tell your partner what they’re doing wrong.

Stop. Right. There.

If you’re not qualified to teach, don’t do it.

When a dance feels like it’s falling apart, coaching your salsa partner might seem like a great idea, but it ain’t. Here’s why: Read more

How Much Hand Pressure Should I Use When Salsa Dancing?

How much hand pressure should I use when Salsa dancing? Does it change in the open position VS the closed position?

It depends.

It could be a lot, a little, or none at all. The amount of pressure all depends on what you need to achieve. The idea is to exert just enough pressure for the move at hand. Read more

8 Benefits of Proper Posture for Salsa Dancing

Maintaining your posture in Salsa is one of the golden rules of leading or following.

Most people are unaware of the issues bad body posture causes, which is why few spend the time to correct it.

In this post, you’ll find out why proper posture is so critical to becoming a successful Salsa dancer and how you can fix your bad habits so you can start reaping the benefits that will take your Salsa to the next level. Read more