Salsa Tips

How To Stay Grounded In Your Salsa Basic

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Polishing Up Your Front & Back Basic Step

Once you learn how to maintain perpetual motion in your basic step, it’s time to work on staying grounded. This will help you keep your rhythm and timing while making every movement you make much smoother. Like any dance, having these fundamentals down, is crucial in order for you to execute the trickier stuff later on.
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He’s Dancing Off Time – What Do I Do?


This Salsa tip came about from one of the most common questions we hear follows ask.

Some guys are on beat, some guys are 50-50, some guys struggle as they get used to Salsa music and there are others who are off in their own world dancing to an ‘amazing’ rhythm that no one else can hear.

As always, you’ll have to approach each partner a little differently, but the ultimate question still remains – do I follow him and dance off beat, or stay on time? Here’s some advice for both the leads and the follows.
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How To Ask For a Salsa Dance

First, Let’s Lay Some Ground Rules

Before you go approaching anyone to ask for a dance, there are a few important things you need to be mindful of:

  1. Look clean
  2. Smell clean
  3. Smile
  4. Don’t look desperate (even if you are!)

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