Salsa Tips

Dancing is a Conversation, Not a Fight

Social Dancing: An Imperfect Conversation

Social Dancing is a conversation. Not a perfect presentation. Like any conversation, social dancing is prone to its fair share of misunderstandings. At some point, it’s inevitable that a lead will initiate a move and the follow won’t respond as expected, so let’s talk about how each partner can respond in a situation like this.
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How to Collect Your Salsa Partner

Collecting your partner

Have you ever been in a social dance, asked for the ladies hand and been surprised she didn’t respond? If that’s the case, you might need to add a little drama to your movement to catch her attention.

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To Dip or Not to Dip?



Dipping on the social dance floor

Guys, when it comes to dipping on the social dance floor, you’ll find that ladies have all sorts of mixed feelings towards this act – some love it, some hate it and some are just plain scared of it. The important takeaway here is that dipping your partner on the social dance floor is dangerous.
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