The Famous Bachata Dip (Full Lesson)

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to dip in bachata this is your lesson.

The famous dip is the simplest of all bachata dips and you can use it in any dance.

We’re going to break down the technique step by step and tell you exactly what to do and what to avoid.

The lesson is broken into parts so you can skip around easily:

  • Demo
  • Lead’s technique
  • Follow’s technique
  • Dip from the bachata basic (lead’s part)
  • Dip from a free spin (lead’s part)
  • Dip from a bachata basic (follow’s part)
  • Dip from a free spin (follow’s part)
  • Practice to counts
  • Practice to music

By the end you’ll know:

  • How to support your partner in the dip- for the lead’s
  • How to support yourself in the dip- for the follow’s
  • Dip technique
  • Three ways to enter the famous dip

This is the most used dip on the dance floor for any dance in the world. Master it here for bachata and take this technique with you forever to improve your social dancing to any music!


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