How to Find the Beat in Salsa Music (4 Week Free Course)

Welcome to Finding the Beat, a 4-week course designed to help you overcome the number one challenge ALL new salsa dancers face: finding the beat in salsa music and dancing on time.

By the end of this course you will be able to…

  • Better understand the structure of music
  • Count music
  • Hear the beat in salsa music
  • Find the 1 in salsa music
  • Stay on time while dancing salsa with much higher success

After hearing countless struggles and student requests for more info, I knew I had to make this course. It’s almost impossible to find good info on the internet on how to find the beat and develop a sense of salsa timing. In fact, most instructors skip it entirely. It’s insane.

You’re welcome to share the youtube playlists below with your friends. They’re 100% public and we’d love to help as many people as possible with this information!

Course Structure

  • Week 1 – How to Count Non-Salsa Music
  • Week 2 – How to Move to Non-Salsa Music
  • Week 3 – How to Count Salsa Music
  • Week 4 – How to Move to Salsa Music


  1. To browse the videos in the series, click the playlist icon on the first video below.
  2. At the end of each video there is a link to watch the next video.

Full Playlist (Weeks 1-4)

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