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Inside Shoulder Turn: Changing The Inside Turn Lead

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Elements of the Inside Shoulder Turn

The shoulder turn is a variation of the cross-body lead with an Inside turn. The stronger your cross-body lead technique is, the easier the inside turn will be. The stronger your inside turn technique is, the easier this shoulder turn variation will be. The basics are in everything and that is why your basics are everything. If you need to, there is no shame in going back and brushing up on the basic elements – we highly encourage it.

Leading the Turn

Gentlemen, this step is not far off from a regular cross body lead. The only difference is that you are going to be placing your hand on her shoulder by count 5 and leading her for a turn on “5&”. The important thing to remember here is that you want to use your left hand as the target and guide your partner’s shoulder to your hand. Don’t bring your hand to her shoulder.

Keeping your frame is critical during this step so that your target (left hand) is presented clearly. If you close your elbows in by your side, this step is going to get harder to execute and you’ll likely feel more awkward. Give your frame some depth and be sure to stand tall.

To collect your partner, trace your hand along her back as she finishes her turn and rotate your wrist so that your palm can make connection with her back and slide along until it fits nicely onto her shoulder blade.

Following the Inside Shoulder Turn

Ladies, this step is nothing new for you. It has the same footwork and body movement as the inside turn. What will really make the difference for you here is if you maintain your hip swivels during your basic step. If you pay close attention, you’ll see that Scarlet is prepped to her right by the count of 5 with her left foot forward. This gentle swivel of the hips is exactly what you need to initiate momentum for your turns. Practice that and it’ll improve your dancing ten fold.

See This Move In Action

If you want to see how this step would look in a pattern, check out our Pass Right & Turn combo that pulls together the Reverse Cross Body Lead, Inside Turn & Right Turn. To add the shoulder turn into this combo, you can easily substitute it for the inside turn.

Your Turn To Dance!

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