FULL Intermediate Salsa Lesson: “Around the World” (Salsa On1)

The full salsa on2 lesson is here.

Here’s a full intermediate online salsa class directly from our online Salsa Course with Patrick and Scarlet.

Keep in mind, before we teach patterns we ALWAYS teach you the individual moves that make them, so you understand each part of the whole. That’s the key to truly understanding salsa.

We broke the lesson into various parts. Just scrub the timeline to select where you want to start:

  • Demo
  • Section 1 (Lead’s Part)
  • Section 2 (Lead’s Part)
  • Section 1 & 2 (Follow’s Part)
  • Tips and Common Mistakes

In this salsa pattern we’re going to talk about and combine the following concepts:

  • Line of dance and rails
  • Right turns
  • Change of place

With just a few simple moves you’re able to create this fun salsa combo you can use for social dancing, perfect for intermediate salsa dancers.



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