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Since, we’ve already written about The Benefits of Salsa Turn Technique and How Salsa Turn Technique Will Change Your World In 15 Minutes, we’ll skip right to the goods.

The goal of these workshops is to improve your understanding of salsa turn mechanics, so you can get your turns more balanced and controlled as quickly as possible. Why? When your turns are solid, everything becomes SO much easier and a world of opportunity opens up. The top dancers you see are usually those who can execute turns with speed and control. Paired with musicality, those dancers become exceptional.

Turn technique isn’t just for the ladies, it’s for everyone. That said, turn technique is a much bigger part of developing as a follow. Without proper turn technique you’re severely limiting what your partners can do with you and you’re holding yourself back from some amazing experiences. Leads, learn this turn technique and you will not only improve the precision of your leading, you’ll also be able to help your partners work through their challenges and have sharper turns yourselves.

Our Salsa Turn Technique workshop expands on all of the solo and partner work lessons we already have for the most common turns you experience in salsa.

Six workshop lessons to hone your turn technique in the areas of:

  • Half turns (the foundation of every turn sequence)
  • Inside turns
  • Outside turns
  • Inside traveling turns
  • Spotting
  • The sequence of movements in your turns

These workshop lessons compliment the full partner work break-downs that we already have for each turn and include details on:

  • Foot position
  • Timing
  • Body position and the concepts of preparation, tension and your axis
  • Common mistakes
  • How each technique relates to the bigger picture

salsa turn technique common mistakes

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It would be a privilege to help you refine your skills toward stronger, more controlled turns and we sincerely hope you join us on your salsa journey!

salsa turn technique common mistakes