How to Use Dance Dojo


1. Regardless of your experience, fundamentals

Even if you’ve learned Salsa for years, give yourself a chance to absorb Patrick and Scarlet’s methods from the ground up. You may have bad habits that you’re unaware of and we want to ensure that when it’s time to tackle the hard stuff, it’s really not hard at all, because you took the time to cultivate your technique.

2. Leave your ego behind, have patience with yourself and your partner. Have fun.


3. Understand how to approach the lessons

  1. Each time you practice, start with a single lesson.
  2. Once you finish the lesson, practice to some music and get comfortable with the new concepts and moves. Revisit the lesson, smooth out the kinks and dance some more.
  3. Next time you practice, repeat the lesson and feel how much your execution has already improved. Use this repetition as a warm up. Dance for a couple songs and then try another lesson.

The more you revisit lessons and practice your fundamentals, the quicker you’ll improve. Timing your steps to the music and connecting with your partner are the keys to doing well. The fancy stuff gets easy once you master the foundation. Wax on, Wax off!

4. Have realistic expectations and learn quicker

You won’t be the world’s most amazing dancer in a day, but you can start having fun from day one. Enjoy the process!

Tips to accelerating your learning:

  • Go out social dancing and ask lots of people to dance
  • Return to earlier lessons and build a strong technical foundation
  • Make sure you’re practicing the right technique – practice makes permanent.
  • Set a regular practice time – consistency is key.
  • If you’re a lead, learn the follow’s part, or at least her steps and timing. You’re understanding of how to lead each move will be amplified instantly.

It’s easy to have a lot of fun, even if you know very little. Fun comes from doing whatever you know well, smiling, and enjoying the music with your partner.

5. Make Dance Fit Your Lifestyle

You don’t have to commit to 5-10 hours a week to learn Salsa. Just start.

Commit to whatever works for you in the beginning – even just 5 minutes – and get into a routine. Try setting a specific day and time during the week where you get together with your partner or practice solo.

Tip: Tiny habits lead to long term results. If dancing isn’t already in your weekly routine start dancing just 5 minutes a day. If it’s meant to be, it will find it’s way into your week.

6. Go dancing and dance with everyone

Ask beginners to dance. Leads, learn how to adjust to your various partners style and ability. Follows, focus on your basics and posture.

Ask people who are way better than you to dance. It’s a night and day difference between dancing with a beginner and a pro. Feel that difference. Leads, learn how it feels to dance with a follow who floats across the floor and notice how you don’t have to over-lead her. Follows, learn how it feels to always be on-time and experience well executed leads.

The more partners you can experience and enjoy, the richer you’re dance life becomes. Dance with everyone.

And ladies, don’t forget you can ask the guys to dance too!

7. We’re here for you

We want to make your experience phenomenal and we’re not just saying that.

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