Salsa On2 Curriculum

Updated November 7, 2017

Browse our On2 salsa curriculum below. Some lessons don’t have video links yet because we’re still releasing them on youtube. Rest assured, they’re all in our member’s area. If you like what you see, become a member to get access to ALL of our salsa lessons, On1 and On2, complete with detailed instruction for both leads and follows. We add new lessons each month.

On2 Conversion for On1 Dancers

Are you an On1 dancer that wants to try dancing On2? This conversion workshop will give you a simple introduction and system to switch your timing from On1 to On2. Once you’ve got this new timing under your belt, you’ll be able to explore a whole new world of salsa musicality.

  • Prerequisites to dancing On1 and On2
  • Converting your salsa basic to On2
  • Practicing your various basics On2
  • Learning the basic right turn On2
  • Practicing the basic right turn On2
  • Learning the cross body lead On2
  • Practicing the cross body lead On2
  • Tips for converting to On2 timing

Different Ways to Dance On2 (coming soon)

Did you know there are different ways you can dance salsa On2? Dancing On2 connects you more closely with the instruments in salsa music and it’s a huge reason why so many people love it. In this workshop, we’ll take you through each way you can dance on2, showing you how and when to adapt your dancing to the various instruments.

Here are the six ways you’ll learn to dance On2:

  • Son Cubano
  • Classic Mambo
  • Cha-Cha-Cha
  • Classic Mambo on Clave (Palladium Era)
  • Modern Mambo (Popularized by Eddie Torres)
  • Modern Way to Dance On Clave

Absolute Beginner Salsa Lessons On2

Absolute Beginner Moves

Since most of our students learning On2 have a sense of the basics from dancing On1, we’re currently focusing on filling in the intermediate level. Don’t worry though, more basics are on the way!


Video demos are not available for musicality lessons

  • How to Count Salsa Music
  • Rhythm Recognition – The Piano
  • Salsa Song Structure (Son-Montuno)
  • Song Structure Walks-Throughs
  • Call & Response

Body Movement

Video demos are not available for body movement lessons

Beginner Body Movement

  • Hip Movement
  • Arm Isolations (Basic Triangles)
  • Hips & Arms Together
  • Step Sequence
  • Putting Your Basic Movements Together

Intermediate/Advanced Body Movement

  • Working Your Ankles
  • Figure 8 Hip Isolations
  • Rib Cage & Shoulder Isolations
  • Arm Isolations (Advanced Triangles)
  • Stepping With Figure 8’s
  • Stepping With Upper Body Movement
  • Leading From the Pelvis
  • Putting Your Advanced Movements Together

Turn Technique Workshops

Video demos are not available for turn technique lessons

  • Half turn technique
  • Inside turn technique
  • Outside turn technique
  • Inside 2.5 turn technique
  • Sequence of events in your turns
  • Spotting

Lesson Structure

Each of our salsa lessons includes multiple videos to fully explain the move, concept or combo being taught. A common lesson structure looks like this:

1) Lesson demo
2) Footwork for the leads
3) Footwork for the follows
4) Partner work
5) Tips & common mistakes

Organizing our lessons this way makes it easy for you to find what you want, when you want it and allows you to learn in bite-sized pieces so you don’t get overwhelmed.

As a member, you get access to every one of our lessons and we add new ones each month. There’s always something to learn!