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Salsa Basic Steps with Cross Body Leads

In this beginner Salsa combo we challenge you to incorporate your cross body lead, using it to transition between your four salsa basics. Use what you’ve learned from the previous two lessons: the side basic and front-back basic as well as the back basic and cumbia basic.

Demo of the Salsa Basics with Cross Body Leads

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Having the ability to thread your basics together seamlessly with cross body leads allows you to be more spontaneous while dancing and it looks more dynamic. Getting to this point is a clear sign that you’re developing towards becoming a more experienced beginner.

Time For a Challenge

Are you already comfortable with executing the combo as is? Well then, give this a try:

Leads, we challenge you to mix up the order of your basics and take creative control. Work on keeping the beat while cycling through your basics in any order you want.

This is great practice for both the lead and follow in effectively communicating with one another. This type of spontaneity is what social dancing is all about – true leading and following. A process in which you will truly cultivate and hone your skills.

Practice Makes Permanent

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