Dance Dojo Reviews

All of the reviews below are for our Salsa course. Once our Bachata course is near completion, we’ll open it up for reviews as well. If you have any questions about our courses, please contact us here!

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More clear impossible

I follow the class and I feel an improvement. All the tips are very useful and the explanation is clear.
Try 1 week free and you will get it.
Excellent to practice at home

The salsa classes are excellent. We signed up due to the classes done on you tube. They are clear and have a good breakdown of complicated steps. We enjoy them a lot. The bachata class is more limited and has a lot less depth. We are using it to learn body rolls.

Comprehensive Approach

There are many good things about The Dance Dojo. You can find some of these good things elsewhere. However, what makes Dance Dojo sticks out is the comprehensive approach. Social dancing involves more than the technical part. Besides the technical aspect, it encapsulates body image, self-confidence, and social etiquette. This course does not delve immediately into dancing; it prepares you emotionally and mentally to develop self belonging towards social dancing.

Nevertheless, Dance Dojo delivers solid technical training for dancing. The most important part is the step-by-step approach. This approach not only involves the footwork, but it also extends to whole-body motion, even where you point your eyes.

Lastly, I like how The Dance Dojo updates their course materials. They change it because they listen to their students and update the material to optimize the learning experience. I know that some videos where I felt like the instructors did not go into details, but I hope they replace those videos or add more to the old ones in the future as they did with some of their videos.

Best salsa online course!

I've joined many online salsa and bachata courses/platforms since the pandemic started and this is for certain the best non-live one I've found. It is the best structured by far, and I like the way I can easily find the information I need. Right now I go every week through all the shines and body movement drills. It helps me alot. Patrick and Scarlet are great people, great dancers and great instructors. It is a joy to learn from them. The whole entire Dance Dojo team is amazing and is available with help and feedback on the private facebook group and so is the entire community of dancers that joined the courses. You can feel their passion for dancing and their desire to help all dancers around the world. They keep growing and improving the platform. The value for money for this course is insane.


Dance dojo is a complete platform that you can learn salsa, bachata and the most important they give you tips of how to think to get better or how to improve faster your skills for example. For me that's the most important because no one out there will tell you how to achieve your goals in dance. Im very thankful that i found dance dojo:)

Best online course

For sure the best online. Definitely worth the money. The explanation is excellent and by repeating the videos learning becomes more efficient

Positive experience

It is exacrly what I was looking for - detailed workouts you can do at Your own pace at any time

for slow learners

I am a slow learner. This online course is wonderful for those who need time and repetition to understand. You can watch each lesson endlessly. However, not sure you will ever understand Patrick's jokes, haha ;)

Excellent structured online courses

I have had the bachata course for sometime now and decided to purchase the salsa course as well. The courses are well layered out with clear easy to follow content with lots of tips to help your dance progress.

Ideal for beginners

Having just started Salsa and Bachata this year, the video lessons are brilliant in how they break down each step and movement. Covering everything I need to learn about both lead and follow, with plenty of tips and tricks. Money well spent.

Just what I needed!

I've been taking lessons for a while, but did not grow up dancing so sometimes struggled understanding what I'm doing during classes. The step by step instructions is helping me to better understand the steps more fully so I can use my private lessons to focus on improving my ability to follow vs, trying to figure out my footwork. So far, I'm loving it.

Next Level Guidance

When you are ready to step up your Dance Game, Dance Dojo is the answer. The details go well beyond what you get during a 1 hour class. This course provides new moves that make Leads more efficient and precise on the dance floor. The end of lesson tips, can be implemented right away. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! ... I wish I had this a year ago
Keith from Chicago

Totally Worth It!

Very thorough and well put together course that is well worth the money!

A really good program but..!

The program is really amazing, they are fun, know their stuff and they breakdown the moves in a really easy way.
My only downside is that there is no option to download or watch the videos offline that’s why I’m giving them 4 stars

Easy to follow

This is a very easy way to learn. They break it down so you understand. My best friend and I are learning, I’m an advanced beginner and he is a total beginner. He picked up the basic in one night!!

Well done course

I look forward to getting into this. The first videos are great




No recuerdo haber visto instrucciones tan detalladas, es un excelente curso

Detail and passion.

I have been involved with Salsa over 10 years and I picked up some bad habits along the way. What Scarlet, Patrick and Robin bring is an experience which I didn't think possible online. Their connection, appreciation of the culture, attention to detail is top shelf. A must for dancers at any level. Cheers Guys !

Salsa Course with Dance Dojo

Love the review of beginner steps and am going on to intermediate now...nice detail and covered some weight changes and styling that I had used before........will move on to bachata course next week.

If I could give them 6 stars I would!

Have been taking beginner salsa group classes before Corona for 2.5 months and was worried I would forget everything I had learned. This course has not only helped me to refresh what I had learned, but to take my level further and now I have a grear resource with a clear roadmap to keep improving. I´m my opinion the best would be to combine this with presential group classes and that´s what I´m planning to do when things go back to normality. In the meantime I´m thrilled to have this course to keep learning and have fun doing so!

Perfect for recap

So far I have been following the Dance dojo salsa course and it’s been amazing! The instructors are very precise in their teaching and breaks down the moves for footwork, styling and body movements very well. I have followed online courses before and have either been bored by them or lost interest. I’m so excited to click on next lesson each time here on the dance dojo. I’m enjoying all the tips as well 😊
Highly recommended for Begginer’s as well for advanced dancers that want yo perfect their dancing.

Salsa course

Its easy go course. Loved each n every step of it. Now i can do salsa