Salsa Timing: The Difference Between Salsa On 1 and On 2

There are a lot of questions and myths out there around the difference between salsa on 1 and on 2, so we’ve collect the facts here for you.

We hope this article will allow you to have more educated conversations on salsa timing, and help you decide which timing you enjoy more. It’s OK to love both!

Before we dive in, here’s some quick background…

On1 salsa timing is commonly known as L.A. style, which, in the past, has often focused on sharp hits in the music and flashy moves.

On2 salsa timing is commonly known as New York style. While the old school Paladium-era dancers danced On2 to beats 2-3-4, 6-7-8, the most common way of dancing On2 these days is called “Modern Mambo,” danced to beats 1-2-3, 5-6-7 (the same beats as On1). Modern Mambo was popularized by Eddie Torres and is known for its more sauve feel and complex turn patterns.

Let’s dig in and find out why these timings look and feel different.

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Advanced Salsa Pattern: Bouncy Hands

Bouncy Hands

Your new combo this week is an advanced salsa pattern we named ‘Bouncy Hands’.

Don’t let the fancy hand styling fool you! This advanced combo consists of only two basic elements : a basic inside turn and a basic right turn. With changes of angles and fancy hand styling for the men, the Bouncy Hands advanced salsa turn pattern is an excellent example of how to spice up your social dancing by adding variations and styling to your basic salsa moves, making them look more advanced. Read more

Online Salsa Turn Technique Workshops Arrive at Dance Dojo


Our Salsa Turn Technique Workshops are ready for you! Not a member yet? Sign up here.

Since, we’ve already written about The Benefits of Salsa Turn Technique and How Salsa Turn Technique Will Change Your World In 15 Minutes, we’ll skip right to the goods.

The goal of these workshops is to improve your understanding of salsa turn mechanics, so you can get your turns more balanced and controlled as quickly as possible. Why? When your turns are solid, everything becomes SO much easier and a world of opportunity opens up. The top dancers you see are usually those who can execute turns with speed and control. Paired with musicality, those dancers become exceptional. Read more

The Benefits of Good Salsa Turn Technique

salsa turn technique1

In the fast-paced world we live in, we want everything immediately and too often this spills over into how we learn, leading us to glaze over the fundamentals and not reach our salsa dancing potential.

The problem is that there’s a misconception with fundamentals. People get antsy when they work on basics, they want to progress faster, “I’m ready to move on!” they say. But when you move on so quickly, not nurturing the foundation you’re building, you hit an upper limit, a ceiling. Read more

How Salsa Turn Technique Will Change Your World

kelowna turn technique workshop

Taking 15 minutes to better understand turn technique could change your world.

A month ago, we cruised over to beautiful Kelowna, Canada with Patrick and Scarlet to teach some salsa workshops on turn technique. At the start of class Patrick and Scarlet asked everyone to social dance, using inside and outside turns, to get a sense of where everyone was at. I jumped in and started dancing with Rina (not her real name).

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Improve Your Salsa Turn Technique 10 Times Over With This Easy Drill

Raise your hand if you can’t wait for your next mediocre dance!

*No hands move* – that’s what we thought.

As Salsa dancers we turn hundreds of times per night (some nut jobs probably hit the 4 digits), but despite this staggering amount of repetition, SO many of us are losing our balance and limiting ourselves from experiencing incredible dances. That’s insane!

Simply put, if you’re off balance, you’re missing out big time. It’s time to end this madness and unlock your ability to turn better. Sound good?

This quick tip on salsa turn technique is going to change the way you practice your turns and it’s the perfect test to find out if you’re slacking off! Read more