Salsa Simplified

Master new moves, fix your technique, and become a confident salsa dancer (without memorizing patterns).

The online program for people who like structure, simplicity, and clarity. Linear salsa On1 & On2.


4.95/5 From 3000+ Students

  • Go At Your Pace

    Online, on-demand lessons you can watch any time.

  • Improve faster

    By following a proven step by step system

  • Short Lessons

    Fit more dancing into your busy schedule!

  • No Partner? No Problem!

    There’s lots you can learn solo.


“Iโ€™ve learned so much more from Dance Dojo in a few weeks than I have from any studio lesson. Thereโ€™s just something about the way they teach that really works.

โ€” Kiki McDonald (Canada)

Is this program right for you?

  • Feeling stuck and not sure how to improve?

  • Not connecting with your partners or the music?

  • Canโ€™t remember what you learned in class?

  • Want to make your leading crystal clear?

  • Wish you could react fast and follow gracefully?

  • Want to think less and have more fun?

This program was made for you.


โ€œI was skeptical about how much I could learn from an online program, but Dance Dojo exceeded my expectations. I love the structured and systematic approach.โ€

โ€” Sun Lee (Sofia, Bulgaria)


From Beginner to Confident Social Dancer

A Practical Approach to Learning Salsa On1 & On2

Patrick & Scarlet unlock their vault of salsa secrets, guiding you through the same progressions they use to produce amazing social dancers and world champions.

Practice Salsa Dancing on any Device Dance Dojo

Partner Work

Learn the fundamentals of salsa so you can easily lead and follow all the most common social dance moves. Mastering moves first, before patterns, will help you remember what you learn, improvise for social dancing and have fun with any partner.

  • Learn the 41 most common social dance moves
  • How to improvise and use moves like lego blocks
  • 5 must-haves for dancing in Latin America
  • How to connect with your partner to send clear signals
  • Dance floor etiquette so your partners say โ€œyesโ€
  • How to improve faster and not get stuck
  • How to double your moves with the reverse cross body
  • Keep your dances interesting with variations
  • Master multiple turns
  • 45 patterns you can take directly to the dance floor
lead and follow technique

Lead & Follow Technique

Kick bad habits and fix your technique. Discover the secrets to being a smooth, elegant and confident social dancer your partners will never forget!

  • Learn your role to eliminate confusion
  • Change the line of dance to enjoy the space you have
  • Posture and framing for buttery smooth connection
  • How to hold hands so you never lose connection
  • Stop guessing whatโ€™s next using "cause and effect"
  • Learn how much tension to use so you donโ€™t feel rough
  • How to relax your arms so you donโ€™t feel heavy
  • Different types of leads so you know how to follow them
turn technique

Turn Technique

Refine your turn technique so you’re ready for anything a lead throws at you. We’ll perfect your balance, sequencing and spotting. Leads, if you learn this too, you’ll instantly be twice as good.

  • How to step with a โ€œT stanceโ€ to feel more stable
  • Drills for inside and outside traveling turns
  • The order of events during turns
  • Turning as one unit to maintain stability
  • Maintaining your axis for multiple turns
  • How to spot so you donโ€™t get dizzy and fall over


Learn how to dance solo, string steps together and play with different rhythms. By the end of the module you’ll feel more coordinated and have a bunch of simple footwork steps you can use for any dance.

  • 7 turns
  • 23 footwork steps
  • 4 basic rhythms you can use
  • Footwork challenges and patterns for practice
  • Never be scared to let go of your partner again
  • No partner needed!
body movement

Body Movement

Learn the basic movements of salsa and how to coordinate your upper and lower body. Body movement is the magic that will make you feel awesome on the dance floor. Start practicing it right away!

  • Basic stance and posture for salsa
  • How to shift your weight so you donโ€™t look funny
  • How to ground your movement so it looks natural
  • Improve coordination to stop feeling awkward
  • Practice isolations and learn to control your body
  • Quick sharp popping movements
  • Smooth fluid rolling movements


An intro to salsa musicality and song structure. Learn to stand out by adjusting your dancing to the music when it heats up, slows down, and transitions from section to section.

  • How to find the beat in salsa music and stay on it
  • Recognizing rhythms using the piano and "call and response"
  • Salsa song structure to understand how the music changes
  • What moves to do and when for each part of a song
  • How to start being more musical by playing with the chorus

Bonus Modules

  • Create your own combos
  • Converting from On1 to On2
  • Different ways to dance on2
  • Crazy fast armwork
  • Secrets to success: mindset, myths, and mastering your habits

“An amazing online learning experience. Informative, useful, practical, fun, and well-organized. I use their videos regularly. Get the course!”

โ€” Kent (Thailand)


Patrick & Scarlet

The perfect combo of creative genius and super nerd goofballs, Patrick & Scarlet have taken their students from zero to winning world championships. They use the same system to help countless leads and follows, like you, become more confident salsa dancers.


“I love it! I can learn at my own pace, slow the video, and rewatch any time I want. I also really like the links to previous “baseโ€ moves for quick recap. Iโ€™m so happy that I got back to dance and that Iโ€™m having fun.”

โ€” Anna Slimak (Poland)


Here’s What You Get

  • Lifetime access
  • 364 online, on-demand lessons
  • On1 and On2 timing
  • Proven System

    A progressive program thatโ€™s made great social dancers and world champions.

  • A Vault of Salsa Secrets

    Enough material for a lifetime of fun dances (or opening your own dance studio).

  • Online Community

    Get help, inspiration, motivation and high-fives when you need them most.


“As good as it gets! The detailed breakdowns make the instruction accessible and comfortable even to a 66 year old newbie. Highly recommended.”

โ€” Eric (USA)


Join 3257+ Students In The Salsa Program Today

Lifetime access to everything you need to social dance with confidence, On1 and On2.


4.95/5 From 3000+ Students

Salsa Program
$299 USD (Save $50)
Pay once for lifetime access
What’s included:
300+ lessons from beginner to advanced, On1 & On2 timing.
  • Partner Work
  • Lead and follow technique
  • Turn Technique
  • Shines
  • Body movement
  • Musicality
  • How to create your own combos
  • Different ways to dance On2
  • Converting from On1 to On2 timing
  • Online community
Salsa & Bachata Bundle
$598 USD (Save $101)
Pay once for lifetime access
What’s included:
Everything from the Salsa Program plus…
The Bachata Program:
  • 100+ bachata lessons from beginner to advanced
  • History of bachata
  • Traditional basics
  • Sensual bachata foundations
  • Turns and technique
  • Musicality
  • Body movement, isolations & dips
  • Advanced spins & isolations
  • Explore various styles: traditional, modern, and sensual

30 day money-back guarantee.


“Iโ€™ve been dancing different styles for over 20 years and I must say that I really like Dance Dojo. The way every step and detail is explained. You learn in a precise and quality way. I really enjoy it.”

โ€” Milena Strnadova (Czech Republic)

Follow the program and learn as much as you can. If you’re not happy and feeling progress within 30 days, just send me an email and I’ll refund you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 468 reviews
Yvonne Diamond (Vancouver, Canada)
Salsa Program with Patrick & Scarlet

It's fantastic: clear instructions. A must have to PAIR with classes @ the DVStudio. You can then get instructons from Patrick & Scarlet in your living room at any hour! They're such wonderful dancers and super super patient instructors.

Marilyn Cugini (Carlisle, United States)
Fantastic value and excellent instruction

This course is amazing! My husband, who all his 60-year life thought he did't have rhythm and couldn't dance, is finally able to understand it and is enjoying learning to salsa! Robin's instruction on finding the beat and the one in music is so so helpful. Patrick's explanations and demonstrations of salsa steps and moves is super clear and manageable. We are thrilled that we signed up for this course! Just finished the absolute beginner section and am looking forward to the more advanced beginner part. Thank you, Robin, Patrick and Scarlet!!!

Victor Richards (Devonshire Parish, Bermuda)
University of salsa and bachata

Very informative, I feel like I went back to school lol.

Chiemi Osw (Yuasa, Japan)
I love it!

I recently joined the program. I can practice dancing every day at home even alone. There are lessons a lot that I want to learn. It's excellent that they teach me how to dance well (and elegance to me)! Thanks to Robin, Patric and Scarlet, their videos always show many tips and make me feel confident, so I can enjoy dancing with a partner! XD

Clinton Spence (Sydney, Australia)
The best way to learn!

I am amazed by how I am building everything into my dancing from the ground up. I notice how much more I can do at group classes, and how natural it feels to learn new things. Completely recommended!!

Elizer Escandar (Mississauga, Canada)
Exactly what I was looking for

The team does an amazing job of breaking down the technical and "soft skills" of dance. Great platform for both new and experienced dancers to improve their skills and experience in the Latin dance scene.

MICHAEL FARACCO (Miami, United States)

Excellent videos and tutorials. Very systematic approach and easy to follow.


We’ve Got Answers

Any salsa dancer who wants to social dance with confidence, make their partners smile and have fun dancing with partners of every level. The program focuses on linear salsa On1 and On2.

1) An online program is the best way to learn faster, because it’s at your pace.
2) You can’t get this amount of material or level of detail in a studio class.
3) Most people don’t have access to quality instructors.

Patrick and Scarlet have won national and world titles. They’re in the top 1% of salsa dancers in the world. They’ve also been in your shoes, learned how to become great dancers and have created a proven system to get their students the same results.

You don’t have to listen to them, but if you do, you’ll change your dancing forever.

You’ll learn everything you need to become a relaxed, confident and fun social dancer. You’ll use the same curriculum Patrick and Scarlet use on their students in Vancouver, Canada who have become confident social dancers as well as national and world champions.

No, it’s only $299. Learning all the material in this program in-person at Patrick & Scarlet’s studio would cost at least $4,000.

It depends how much you practice. If you follow the lessons, expect to feel progress in as little as 30 days, and you can likely change your life in 6-12 months.

If you do absolutely nothing, you won’t see any results.

We have a student Facebook group where you can ask questions, get feedback and stay motivated with other passionate dancers from around the world.

Online lessons are a perfect compliment to in-person classes. You’ll often miss details in class, so having a library of material you can watch, and rewatch, any time helps you improve faster.

“I was skeptical about how much I could learn from an online course, but Dance Dojo exceeded my expectations. I love the structured and systematic approach. A perfect accompaniment to in-person classes.”

โ€” Sun Lee (Bulgaria)

Yes, there is lots you can learn without a partner: body movement, shines, musicality, timing, and more. Many of our students also watch the partner work lessons alone to brush up on technique before going out.

That said, if you want to improve at partner work, it helps to have a partner to practice with.

100% of the material is practical for social dancing.

The lessons are short so you can learn something in just 10-20 minutes.

Online lessons are a perfect compliment to in-person classes. You’ll often miss details in class, so having a library of material you can rewatch any time you want will help you improve faster.


Unlock Your Salsa Dancing Today


“With Dance Dojo, I can learn more moves in one hour than I can in regular live classes.

โ€” Julio Neto (USA)


“We donโ€™t even speak english and we can understand everything.” (Translated)

โ€” Maria (Spain)