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Salsa Side Basic, Front-Back Basic and the Closed Position

Welcome to our introduction of the Salsa basic steps. These basics are some of the first beginner steps you will learn in any class. They make up the foundation of Salsa with their ‘quick quick slow’ rhythm and they are perfect for teaching you how to begin connecting with your partner. To start off, Patrick and Scarlet will demonstrate these steps in the classic Closed Position. It’s an exciting beginning! Check out the demo below to see how they look.

Demo of the Salsa Basic Steps

The Footwork for the Side Basic and Front-Back Basic

The Side Basic is used in both basic and advanced partnering and is the perfect way to get moving for the first time. The Front and Back Basic is the most commonly seen basic, integral to “night club” style Salsa, and it’s a key  building block for higher level partnering.

Common Pitfalls with the Basic Salsa Steps

When you’re practicing, always make sure you keep your rhythm of ‘quick quick slow’. Avoid making the common mistake of being overly rigid with a ‘quick quick stop’ rhythm. The main goal here is to maintain a smooth and continuous motion throughout the step. You should never completely stop at any point. Once you get the hang of these steps, practice staying on time with the music. Maintaining your rhythm to the music is one of the most important skills you will develop as a dancer.

Start Practicing!

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