5 Right Turns With Cross Body Leads

In this beginner salsa pattern you’re going to use the cross body lead to help break up your 5 turn pattern.  Doing this will make your dancing feel more interesting and dynamic while allowing you to become more spontaneous with your steps as you begin social dancing.

To start, try doing the pattern exactly as seen in the video and then try our challenge below.

Demo: Right Turns with Cross Body Leads

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Challenge Yourself

Feeling confident adding cross body leads into your basic right turns?

Challenge: Leads, take creative control and choose your own sequence of turns on the fly. There are no rules. You can do the same turn twice if you want or you could do two cross body leads in a row. It’s all up to you.

Getting used to creating your own patterns and not just sticking to the combos you learn is the trick to developing yourself into a solid lead. It’s also a challenge for the follows because they’ll be expecting you to execute the combo as is. It’s your job to make sure they don’t know what’s coming next!

Practice Makes Permanent

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Salsa Right Turn Pattern