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The Loopy Waiter – Beginner Combination

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Loopy Waiter

The Loopy Waiter pattern adds style to the lady’s basic right turn by leading the turn with a “waiter” hand hold and then, with a little arm loop and a flick, the lead sends his partner into a check to prep her for a left turn.

Ladies Tips

Ladies, when the lead lets go of your hand after the right turn, make sure you trace your hand down his body. This will ensure your arm remains in the optimal position for the lead to begin the arm loop. After he finishes the arm loop and flicks your hand to the right, maintain your frame and respond by turning to the right. If you let your frame go, the entire move will be compromised. Do everything you can to keep your posture and maintain that circular frame as you enter the check. Keep an eye out for the leads hand target so that you two can make a connection before he leads you into the left turn.

La Musica: Johnny Blas – Don’t Change My Song

Your Turn to Try It

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