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Pass Right & Turn: Beginner Salsa Pattern

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The Pieces of the Puzzle

The Pass Right & Turn beginner salsa pattern is made up of the reverse cross body lead (a.k.a the Right Side Pass), the Inside Turn and the Right Turn. If you’ve already learned these turns, you’re ready to give this combo a shot.

If not, we highly recommend giving those individual steps a shot before trying to piece them all together.

Pass Right & Turn

This is the perfect combo to use when practicing your basic turns. Once you get the hang of it, try substituting in other steps and adding in your own creativity. For example: Start with a regular cross body lead, followed by an inside shoulder turn and finish off with Ochos.

Learning individual steps is one thing, but to be a smooth social dancer you have to get good at piecing together all the moves from your arsenal. Perfecting a pattern is a good skill, but being able to freestyle and replace those moves with other steps on the fly is the ultimate goal. It will give you a sense of unbelievable freedom and enjoyment while dancing.

Your Turn to Dance

The full Pass Right & Turn tutorial comes with a detailed video lesson on the partner work technique you need to be successful with this pattern. To give this pattern a try now, login or become a member. If you want to browse more of our combos, check out the rest of our beginner Salsa patterns.

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