Lesson 3: Putting Your Basic Salsa Steps Together

This lesson is part of the Ultimate Guide to Salsa Dancing For Beginners. It’s been pulled directly from our salsa program so you can get a feel for what it’s like to learn online with Patrick & Scarlet. Like what you see? Sign up for our full salsa program here, or view our curriculums: On1 and On2.

Now that you’ve learned the Front-Back Basic and Side Basic from Lesson 1 and the Back Basic and Cumbia Basic from Lesson 2, it’s time to bring them all together.

Play around and get used to transitioning between your basics. Remember: you can switch between your basics anytime you want as long as you finish a complete set first and start your next basic on the 1 (the first beat in the 8 count). Ladies, make sure you follow your partner – don’t anticipate!

Putting Your 4 Basics Together

Remember: the lead can switch hand holds anytime, but no matter which hand holds the lead chooses, your steps will always remain the same.

You can do your basics in the lead’s choice of the:

  • Closed position
  • Semi-closed position (the lead uses only the right arm to connect with the follow’s left)
  • Open position
  • Semi-open position (choose one hand to hold)

Great Work! Now What?

You now know four basic steps and how to switch between them 🙌🏽. Practice them up because the better your basics get the easier it is to learn everything going forward. Next up, let’s learn a little bit more about salsa timing. As a beginner getting your timing is the trickiest part, but easily the most important!