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Adding Turns Into Your Salsa Basic (Inspiration for Leads)


I don’t know about you but, as a lead, I’m terrible at adding turns into my salsa dancing.

So, I’ve made a video to 1) explore this for myself and 2) give all you leads some ideas on how you can add turns into your salsa basic while you social dance.

I’m not going to break down the technique of these turns as you can find most of them in our online salsa program – you can try it free for a week here.

This video is meant to offer inspiration and, if you’ve got some experience, you can dive in and try them for yourself, even if you don’t have a partner.

Try These Salsa Turns in Your Basic Step

For each turn in the video I show a “hands-high” version and a “hands-low” version. You can also do a variation where you turn yourself at neck-level (not seen in the video) and use a concept called tracing to let go and reconnect with your partner.

Try these salsa turns:

  1. Right turn
  2. Left turn
  3. Hook turn
  4. Half and half spot turn
  5. Right spot turn
  6. Left spot turn
  7. Pencil turn
  8. Half and half to the right
  9. Half and half to the left

There you have it. Nine turn options, each with two variations. That’s 18 ideas you can use to start adding turns into your salsa basic!

These ideas are super helpful for when you dance with beginners. As a lead, you’re often limited as to what you can make them do, so you can simply add some fun and difficulty for yourself.

If you enjoyed this, you’ll love our online salsa program – try it free for a week right here.