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Practice on Time To Improve Your Salsa Faster

When you’re looking to acquire new salsa skills, whatever they might be, we recommend that you practice on time.

The issue is that you can play a slow salsa song and it still might be too fast for you, especially if you’re a  new dancer or somebody who is trying something very challenging, like intricate partner work.

So you have few options.

  • Use and slow down the tempo as much as you like
  • Count out loud for one another

If you decide to count out loud it still mind end up being too fast. Trust us.

If you’re working on something hard, sometimes you need to go super slow.

So you can try counting “Quick-quick-sloooow.”

And if that’s still too fast, try counting “Quick-quick-STOP,” and literally stop your movement to give yourself time to think before you act.

Why Counting Out Loud Is So Important

If neither of you are counting and there’s no song playing it’s easy to get confused. Both of you can do exactly the right steps but at different times and, as you know, that won’t feel right. Sometimes what’s going wrong is simply your timing.

Counting out loud gives your partner a metronome, the same metronome that you’re using, so they’re not confused and you can both dance on time.

If both of you are confident you’re dancing on the same time, then that’s one less thing to worry about. One less mistake you can make.

It’s an easy way to ensure success.

Slow Salsa Song Playlist

Here’s a playlist of slow salsa songs we made on Spotify to help you practice.