The Back Basic, Cumbia Basic & Open Position

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After this set of salsa basic steps, you’ll have a solid idea of how to begin moving in different directions, while keeping time with Salsa music.


Moving from the Closed to Open Position and introducing your Back Salsa Basic

Transitioning from the closed to open hold should be a smooth natural motion and it gives you more space to do your Back Salsa Basic. The Back Basic is danced not only in basic partnering, but also frequently used while doing more advanced partner work. It also closely resembles the Cumbia basic, which we’ll show you next.

Cumbia Basic

The Cumbia Basic is similar to the Back Basic, but it adds a slight rotation. The Cumbia Basic comes from a dance called Cumbia, which is a separate dance from salsa, but we often make use of this basic step in salsa because the rotational aspect of it comes in handy!

The Cumbia Basic is also a must-know for dancing with Latinos. If you’re heading to Latin America, you’ll see this step being thoroughly enjoyed by the locals.

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