The Front-Back Salsa Basic, Side Basic & Closed Position

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Now, let’s get you moving with some basic steps and show you how to begin connecting with your partner in the classic Closed Position.


To kick-off each lesson we always give you a glance of what you’re about to learn. Take a look!

The footwork for your Side Salsa Basic, and Front and Back Salsa Basic

The Side Salsa Basic is used in both basic and advanced partner work and the perfect way to get moving for the first time. The Front and Back Salsa Basic is the most commonly seen basic, integral to “night club” style Salsa, and it’s a key building block for higher level partner work.

Framing your partner in the closed position and showing intention

Your frame creates a structure for you to dance within. As a lead, your frame is what allows you to send clear signals to the follow. Likewise, having a good frame allows the follow to receive those signals, so she knows exactly what to do next.

Tips for your first two salsa basics and the closed position

After you’ve got moving and have a general sense of the concepts in the lesson, we encourage you to practice and then visit this tips section to refine what you’re working on, and most importantly, ensure you’re creating good habits!

Woohoo! You did it! So, What’s Next?

You just finished learning your first two salsa basics, which you’ll use hundreds of times in a night of salsa dancing. Be sure to get nice and comfortable with them! The sooner these fundamentals feel as natural to you as walking, the sooner your dancing will look and feel great. Practice up!