Salsa Dancing Tips for Men and Women

Salsa dancing can take years to master and we want to help you reduce that time frame as much as possible. Our series of tips for Salsa dancers are designed to help you understand the 80/20 of Salsa: the 20% of technique that will give you an 80% increase in results. That means learning quicker and dancing more efficiently. We’ll help you get your dancing feeling smoother and easier, so you can enjoy social dancing without thinking. Now does that sound good or what?!

We’ve got Salsa tips for beginners to pro’s – they truly are useful regardless of skill level. What’s most important is how fast you can break down your bad habits and pick up the good ones.

Browse the Salsa tip videos below. It’s time to start soaking up some knowledge!

How to Find the Beat in Salsa Music (4 Week Free Course)

Welcome to Finding the Beat, a 4-week course designed to help you overcome the number one challenge ALL new salsa dancers face: finding the beat in salsa music and dancing on time.

By the end of this course you will be able to…

  • Better understand the structure of music
  • Count music
  • Hear the beat in salsa music
  • Find the 1 in salsa music
  • Stay on time while dancing salsa with much higher success

Read more

Improve Your Salsa Turn Technique 10 Times Over With This Easy Drill

Raise your hand if you can’t wait for your next mediocre dance!

*No hands move* – that’s what we thought.

As Salsa dancers we turn hundreds of times per night (some nut jobs probably hit the 4 digits), but despite this staggering amount of repetition, SO many of us are losing our balance and limiting ourselves from experiencing incredible dances. That’s insane!

Simply put, if you’re off balance, you’re missing out big time. It’s time to end this madness and unlock your ability to turn better. Sound good?

This quick tip on salsa turn technique is going to change the way you practice your turns and it’s the perfect test to find out if you’re slacking off! Read more

Think Twice Before Coaching Your Salsa Partner

You’re in the middle of a social dance, things aren’t going quite right and you’ve got this growing urge to tell your partner what they’re doing wrong.

Stop. Right. There.

If you’re not qualified to teach, don’t do it.

When a dance feels like it’s falling apart, coaching your salsa partner might seem like a great idea, but it ain’t. Here’s why: Read more