Adding Back Breaks to Your Right Turns

This beginner Salsa lesson is a variation of the 5 right turns pattern. If you haven’t already done so, try the 5 turn pattern by itself before doing this upgraded version with back breaks.

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Warning: In this upgraded version of the 5 turn pattern, both the leads and follows are going to move away from one another on the count of 1. But don’t worry, your partner will come back to you after the back breaks. Make sure you don’t panic by doing something oddly creative ;). Watch the demonstration carefully and then read our tips below.

Common Mistakes When Adding Back Breaks

Leads typically don’t want to let the lady move away, so they pull her back and turn her too soon. This makes the step really awkward for the ladies.

Both partners need to let their arms lengthen creating more space on the count of 1, followed by a gentle pull. The ladies don’t actually turn until counts 6 and 7, so make sure you don’t rush this step fellas.

Important Tip

Less experienced follows tend to rely too heavily on following with their eyes. Ladies, if your eyes were closed you would have no idea he stepped back on the 1 rather than forward. That’s why it’s great for you to practice this with your eyes closed. Doing so forces you to rely on the things within your control (timing, posture and frame – the 3 centers).

Practice Time

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Salsa Right Turn Pattern