Back Basic, Cumbia Basic and the Open Position

Once you’ve learned the Front-Back Basic and the Side Basic in the closed position, it’s time to learn a few more of the Salsa basic steps while exploring the open position. After learning this next set of basic steps, you’ll have a solid idea of how to begin moving in different directions, while keeping time with Salsa music.

Demo of the Back Basic & Cumbia Basic

This demo video is just a teaser. There’s far more to learn inside our members area.

Transitioning from the Closed Position to Open Position

Transitioning from the closed to open hold should be a smooth natural motion, giving you more space to do your Back Basic. Leads, as you’re making the transition, keep your connection to the lady’s arms and gently slide your hands down her arms until they land in her hands.

Back Basic Step

The Back Basic is danced not only in basic partnering, but also frequently used by leads while doing more advanced partner work. It also closely resembles the Cumbia basic; however, the body position does not rotate when doing this step. The key to doing a good back basic is being able to generate that ‘pull’ or ‘boing’ effect with your partner. This bounce like effect generates a gentle pull in the arms and is an important concept to master before leading more advanced steps.  When practicing this move, make sure you generate the ‘boing’ feeling using the backwards motion of your bodies. Don’t tug on each others arms to increase the tension. This step should feel natural. Just let it happen – there’s no need to force anything.

Basic Cumbia Step

The Salsa Cumbia Basic is a must for being able to dance with Latinos. It’s incredibly common if you’re dancing in Latin America, so if you’re planning a vacation and want to do a little dancing, make sure to master this step before you go! It’s a hit with the locals.

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