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Cross Body Lead With an Open Break

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Cross Body Open

The Cross Body Open is a dynamic way to begin your patterns where you move away from your partner to create a strong BOING, or rubber band effect.

Lead’s Footwork

The footwork for the Cross Body Open, starts similar to a regular Cross Body Lead, then half way through the move, the lead begins to move away from the follow in the opposite direction, creating an open break.

Leads, begin on count 5 and hook your right foot behind your left. Then cross your left foot in front as you head to the right. On 7, you should be completely open with your feet apart as you generate a nice pull connection with your partner through your extended left arm. To finish off the move, do two back breaks and follow up with your partner. As you travel back towards your partner, be sure to pass over the middle of your Basic step.

Follow’s Footwork

Follows, your footwork is the same as the regular cross body lead, with one exception. On the count of 7, you will anchor (step in place) because you’ll notice that your partner is not traveling towards you. By anchoring you ensure that your arm connection with your partner extends to a manageable length. If you were to finish your cross body lead and continue heading away from your partner, you would get too far apart and would likely lose connection or your frame.

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