Hand Switch Ochos – Taking Your Ochos To The Next Level

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Our final variation of Ochos adds a nice little hand switch behind the leads back. And yes, you guessed it – it’s another favourite move of Latinos.

Just like our previous Ochos variation – Cascading Ochos – be sure you know your Cumbia Basic and Change of Place techniques.

How To Do Hand Switch Ochos

Leads, start this move as if you were doing the Basic Ochos. On the count of 7 (after your left turn), make the hand by reaching around and grabbing the ladies’ right hand with your right hand. From there, give the lady one more Change of Place and do a hand switch behind your back on the next count of 7. After that, the rest of the move is the same. Do one more Change of Place, then collect your partner.

Tips For Your Hand Switch Ochos

  1. Both the ladies and fellas should square up to their partner on counts 1 and 5.
  2. When stepping back away from your partner on counts 1 and 5, make sure there is tension in your arms so you get that ‘boing’ effect.
  3. Take small steps when doing your back breaks. It will be easier to change directions and keep up with the music.

Once you get this step down pat, challenge yourself by mixing all of your Ochos variations together. In the meantime, feel free to scope out our Salsa steps for Beginners page to see more lesson demos. Have fun and best of luck!

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