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How To Do The Reverse Cross Body Lead (Right Side Pass)

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How is the Reverse Cross Body Different From The Regular Cross Body?

The Reverse Cross Body Lead, also known as the “Right Side Pass,” is executed from the opposite side of your partner compared to the regular cross body lead. Understanding how to do this basic element well will set you up to be able to do 360 degree back spot turns and more, so brush-up on this move first.

Footwork For The Reverse Cross Body Lead

Leads, on the 3rd count of your basic, step outside to your left rail. For count 5, hook your right foot behind, staying on the ball of your foot and continue stepping (more or less in place) on counts 6 and 7 until you are facing your partner.

Ladies, you’ll do the first three steps of your basic as usual and then step forward on counts 5 and 6 as the lead gently guides you to the right. On count 7, step backwards to complete your 180 degree turn.

Tips on Leading

Fellas, keep your circular frame intact and ensure that your frame and torso rotate as one. As long as you look in the direction you want to go, this move should work out just fine. If your frame breaks at any point, your lead will be unclear and your partner will not know how to respond.

Tips on Following

Ladies, the crux of this step comes on count 6. Your right foot should cross in front of your left and step forward as you turn slightly to the right. Be careful not to hook your right foot behind your left. This will cause you to become unbalanced and likely drift away from your partner. Stepping in front will give you a more natural flow while keeping you close to your partner.

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