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How To Do The Suave – Beginner Salsa Move

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What is the Suave?

In all honesty, this move is a cross-body lead in disguise. The more you understand your cross-body lead, the better. The only difference with the Suave is that the fellas complete a full left turn. The footwork for the follow is the exact same as any other cross body lead.

Footwork for the Leads

Leads, step forward on the left foot for the count of one. On counts 2 and 3, rock your weight back onto the right foot as you pivot left and step forward with that left foot on the count of 3. To complete your turn, step forward on your right foot on 5 and turn 180 degrees back towards your partner. Counts 6 and 7 are used to travel forwards towards your partner.

Leading & Following The Suave

Fellas, this move is lead by maintaining your circular frame. As you rotate and travel for your turn, the follow will automatically be guided forwards with the necessary force. By the count of 3, make sure you are on the right rail, completely out of your partner’s way; she should have a clear line of dance down the middle. After you step to the back on count 5, release your partner’s hand on 6 and regain hand connection with her when you complete your turn.

Give the Suave a Try

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