Double Turns – Intermediate Salsa Turns

This week’s new lesson is the Double Turn. The Double Turn is an exciting intermediate Salsa technique that should be attempted after you are comfortable with the basic turns from our beginner program. This move is exciting because it opens up the doors to a whole new way of interacting with the music – multiple turns.

Double Turn Demo

salsa double turn dance dojoLeads, for you, double turns are all about showing your partner a clear intention and having smooth arm movements throughout the turns.
Ladies, focus on responding with your prep footwork and spinning as a single unit by bracing your core and maintaining good posture – relaxed through the arms, connected through the palms. 

Everything you learn here directly translates to doing three, four, five or even more spins. The only limit is your technique, so take the time to learn these foundations well and you’ll have a blast with this move.

Time to get practicing!