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We are no longer offering the Salsa in 7 Days program. If you would like to give our online salsa training program a shot, the best way to try it out is by signing up for our free lessons below. While you’re at it, you might be interested in our Salsa Tips too!
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What you can expect from Salsa in 7 Days

You’ll receive one 15 minute lesson a day for the next 7 days from two incredible Salsa dancers and world-class instructors, Patrick and Scarlet. No big commitments, no need to travel to class. Just find a partner, relax at home and have some fun.

This set of online beginner Salsa lessons is perfect for those who want to give Salsa a try without signing up to take classes in person. By the end of the week, you’ll be able to dance all of the following Salsa steps confidently with your partner and be ready to hit a Salsa party!

Day 1: Salsa basics (side to side & front to back) + the Closed Position

Day 2: Back basic, Cumbia Basic + the Open Position

Day 3: Combining all of your basic steps

Day 4: Basic Right Turn

Day 5: Cross Body Lead

Day 6: Change of Place

Day 7: Review – putting everything together


We even include a Salsa music playlist so you’ve got some funky music to dance to!

What you need to get started

A partner, an internet connection and a go getter attitude are all that’s required! We recommend you put about 15 minutes in per day and have patience as you get started. Things will start to click once these new moves settle into your muscle memory.

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Have fun and goodluck!

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