The Rejection – A Variation of the Cross Body Lead

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What is the Rejection?

Fellas, we’re not talking about the self-esteem crushing experience of being denied a dance or a date. The Rejection is a beginner salsa step and this time it’s your turn to play hard to get.

Similar to the Suave, this too is a Cross-Body Lead in disguise. The more you understand your cross-body lead, the better you’ll fare with this step. Ladies, there’s nothing new for you to learn here. Your footwork is identical to the Cross Body so get comfortable and use this time to refine your technique.

Leading the Rejection

Leads, the beginning of the Rejection starts just like a normal cross body lead. Once you get out of her way and onto the right rail by the count of 3, you will have to drop your left hand all the way down to your side on 5 to allow yourself to rotate clockwise to your right. By dropping your right hand, you’ll be able to turn seamlessly without ruining the hand connection with your partner.

Now that you’re ready to do the hook turn, cross your right foot behind your left on the count of 5 (crossing behind will help you remain close to your partner). From there, your next step on the left foot is used to pivot all the way around so you can finish facing your partner by 7.

As you finish your rotation, be sure to reach your right hand around and reconnect with your partner. From here, you can continue into another set of moves from your arsenal or finish with two back breaks.

Go Ahead & Give The Rejection a Try

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