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How To Handle Rejection in Salsa

Becoming OK With “No”

You’ve asked a lady to dance and she’s about to respond. Are you ready for it? it’s always nice to assume the best, but what if she says “no”?

Can you handle that? Will you take it personal?

“No” is Never Personal

There are a million and one reasons why someone might say “no” to a dance so there’s no reason on earth you should take it personally. If you hear those dreaded letters “N-O” follow up with a kind comment and maintain your cool calm collected self. That way, you’ll come off as a real gentleman and make the best of the situation.

Who knows, maybe she’ll even come back your way and ask you to dance later on. You’ll never know, so play your cards right and always be polite.

Share Your Story

Do you have a Salsa rejection story you’d like to share? It can be good or bad – everything is a learning experience. If you want to tell us about it, write a comment below.

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