How to Collect Your Salsa Partner

Collecting your partner

Have you ever been in a social dance, asked for the ladies hand and been surprised she didn’t respond? If that’s the case, you might need to add a little drama to your movement to catch her attention.

Whether you’re collecting your partner after a set of shines or asking for a new hand hold, the principals are the same.

Avoid simply extending your hand with the palm up hoping she’ll respond. The palms up confused look doesn’t convey confidence or grace. Instead, try adding some width and depth to your arm movement to make your intention more obvious.

As you extend your arm to the lady, initiate the movement from your core and have it float through your shoulder, down your arm and into your hand. This elegant gesture not only looks good, it actually works.

Give it a try

Get rid of that goofy look and start showcasing your partner and your intention more clearly. It will make your social dancing more enjoyable and the overall look more elegant.

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