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Five Turn Pattern (Basic Right Turns) – Beginner Salsa Steps

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Five Turn Pattern

Not to be underestimated, the basic turn sets up a dancer’s ability to learn multiple turns. That said, a single turn executed with good technique will lead to an easy transition to learning multiple turns well. However, poor single turn technique will lead to a mediocre double turn at best.

This lesson may seem like overkill (5 turns!) but the point here is repetition. Look at this demo as a drill to master one basic turn technique. The footwork stays the same and so does the concept of lead and follow. The hands are simply interchangeable.

Try Adding Back Breaks to Your Right Turns

Once you get comfortable with the different hand holds for the right turn, give yourself a challenge and try adding in some back breaks.

The Necklace

Anytime you find yourself in an awkward hand position you are not comfortable with, the necklace (0:39) is a great way to reset and get back to a familiar position. And just so you know, it’s totally cool to let go of your partner’s hands whenever you need to. There is no rule saying you can’t!

Give This Lesson a Try

The full lesson comes complete with detailed instruction on all five turn techniques as well as a tips video and footwork tutorial to avoid common mistakes. Want to see more lessons like this? Check out more of our beginner salsa demos here.

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